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    Maison Inland designs and creates timeless quality products at an accessible price. From materials and parts to use, to the recycling of the packaging, every single detail has been thought.

    The idea behind the design of our products is also to share a message :

    Take the time !

    Take the time to create your way of life and take the time to enjoy it, as we call it at Maison Inland : The Land of Time.



    At Maison Inland, life is about the land of time. Anywhere we are, only one thing always follows us : time, and what we decide to do with it. 

    We think that time goes by so fast that we must enjoy as much as possible. 

    Whether in little daily moments, major projects, relationship, a moment to yourself or an activity, we think that it’s important to take the time. Choose and accept these choices to define our timeline, our perception of each moment and create our own land of time.

    Although we own it, it’s possible to share it. Share what we love and what we appreciate everyday, our newest discoveries, our way of thinking and perceiving things. 


    Share your land of time !