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    To clean your watch case, use a tooth brush, or other soft brush, and soapy water.  Dry it with a soft cloth after cleaning.


    Salty water

    Always rinse your watch with clear water after a sea water bathing. 

    Sea water can affect the surface of the watch case as well as the quality of the leather.


    Magnetic Fields

    Avoid placing you watch on electrical motors with strong magnetic fields such as speakers as it can impact the proper functioning of your watch.



    A severe shock can damage your watch in different ways.

    Try to avoid any shock including major thermal ones.



    We recommend to avoid any contact with chemicals such as solvents, perfumes, detergents, mosquito repellent, etc, as they can damage your watch case and your watch strap.



    Leather and Suede

    Our leathers and Suedes are high quality genuine Italian and vegetable tanned. No chemical products are used for tanning.

    Most people would not recommend to put your watch leather strap under water to preserve its good condition, softness and good looking.

    We think it's up to you !  Its true that water will change the look of your leather strap, but it will also mark it with your great adventures and souvenirs.

    Thats what will make it really authentic and unique to you 

    Since leather is an organic and natural material, texture and grain may varies on different products.

    Due to its vegetable tanning, it is normal to observe changes in leather tones with regular wearing, it is part of natural aging and beautification process of a high quality genuine leather.



    You can rub your strap with a damp soft cloth and soft soap if necessary.

    You can also use a soft brush, like a tooth brush, to gently clean the leather or suede. It will remove dust and refresh the surface of the strap.


    Protection against heat, light, chemicals and water

    Leather is a permeable material. 

    Exposure to heat, light, chemicals and even water could lead to deformation and decoloration.


    Drying a wet strap

    To dry a wet leather or suede strap, avoid strong heat. Let it dry by normal room temperature.