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    Inland watches and straps are entirely designed by Maison Inland. Each part has been thought and drew in a way to create unique products that reach specific standards we are looking for.


    We design our products in a way it will become your favourite classics, and stay it over time.
    Inspired by the earliest horological styles, our watch collections highlight round shapes, simple details, natural colors and raw materials.


    Using quality parts and material is essential to ensure durability of our products and passing on over generations.
    Stainless steel, Swiss parts, sapphire crystal, sealed and screwed back case, 100 meters water resistance and genuine high quality leather represents standards of Maison Inland watches.
    We’ve been careful in choosing names of our different watch models by months of year. Therefore, names as style will transcend time.


    To ensure that the products we consume to define ourselves remain our classics, it must be unique and adaptable to our own style.
    We have taken care of choosing the strap for every watch color. Besides, it is important for us that everyone can find a watch that fits there personality and can adapt to every moment, every travel and every day to come. This is why each watch is offered with a second strap of your choice, a tool to change it and a pouch for storage or carrying.


    All our products are shipped in a packaging entirely designed by Maison Inland, and made of only one recyclable material.
    We have taken the time to develop our packaging so it adapts with each order, won’t require any use of plastic and follows our product’s style and quality standards.