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    « Take time » - our way of thinking

    This simple and short phrase, takes an immense place in our lives.

    We think it’s important to take time to know what we really want, and who we want to become.

    To think we are always short on time and get caught up in a hectic lifestyle doesn’t help to live and appreciate the present moment. To be aware and conscious of time and make every moment count is what really matters to us.

    Every day we are facing choices, some easier to make and some others more challenging because of their significant impact on our lives. Making choices is a thing, but it’s in the acceptance and perception of these choices where life quality and happiness lies.

    « It is all about perception! »


    We’ve grown together.

    Over the years, we learn to know each other.

    We discover what’s important for the other, its values, what he aspires to and why. We also discover what he loves to do, what he decides to put forward in life and what he accepts to let go. Sometimes, we realize that our perceptions differs. With respect, we put into questions some opinions, preferences and interests.

    This brings us to great discussions, a great open-mindedness and a rich sharing that grows us, and align together our goals and values.

    We do not settle to what is available. Instead, we ask ourselves on what we are really looking for, and we take all possible actions to realize it.

    Nothing’s impossible!


    It’s important for us that the place we live, what we do and what we consume reflect who we are and respect our values.

    The idea to implement our complicity and complementarity in our professional life has always been in our thoughts. After years of reflection process, the desire to share what we love, what we create and how we love timeless design led us to create Maison Inland. The importance we accord to what we do with our time and our spirit to highlight each moment inspired us to create our watch collections.

    In the hope that this beautiful and useful object will remind you who you are and the importance to take the time.